Web site development and promotion. Laptop and PC repair.

Web site development and promotion. Laptop and PC repair.

The best support for your ideas, products or services is that they will be popular with as many people as possible. And the first step is the development of the site.

The cost of your project to create or update the site.

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The main activities.

Focus on key areas such as “Professional computer equipment manufacturer and provider of services for the creation, maintenance and promotion of sites , repair and post-warranty maintenance of laptops , computers, networks and other office equipment.”

Providing quality services to YESTIDA. Site development.

Ensuring the quality of services and products of YESTIDA is to provide impeccable service, excellent quality and unrivaled innovations in the field of creation and support of computer equipment, network security, promising and effective work of the site on the final result. YESTIDA carefully selects suppliers of primary components for quality assurance. In addition, our after-sales service is always available for its quick delivery to customers, work is done on time and at minimal cost.

We provide website promotion services for small and large companies, individuals and entrepreneurs, including e-commerce.
Our services are to create the maximum online presence in the network, which is much higher than industry standards and expectations.
For example, web design, web site development logo, corporate identity, website creation, content management, reputation management, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization SEO site and social media marketing services are provided with originality and innovative to help your business. Our search engine optimization services will bring to a higher ranking in the search engines, regardless of the competitiveness of your business niche.


Accepting the terms of cooperation you receive:

  • Years of experience and experience
  • Full information
  • Controlling costs
  • Guarantees and reporting
  • Free consultation
  • Satisfied customers
  • Project management
  • Reasonable prices

Advantages of cooperation

Site development

Website development begins with planning its promotion and organization of staff interaction. And the first step to success will be to create a website dedicated to the popularization of your product or service.

Internet shop development

Great experience working in the field of site creation will help to determine which type of site is suitable for your case. This can be the development of an online store , a catalog or a one-page website.

Computer repair

You will need modern powerful computer equipment, which you can also purchase using experience and low prices in the company Estida. We will perform any repairs to your computer and your working laptops.

Popularity in social networks

Develop the most effective information flow, which through social networks can increase the popularity of the product in the shortest time.

Customizing your laptop

We’ll set up an office and home network. There is also warranty support for both organizations and individual users. Diagnosis and counseling is free of charge . Administration of office equipment and anti-virus support.

Mailing lists and forms of communication on the site

Constantly improve every tiny nuance in the development process of the site to provide superior communication and service to your customers through mailings and feedback.

Examples of used layout and design in the development of sites

Cosmetics website development and promotion

Website of bedding fabrics development and promotion

Site for recruitment of students in Ukraine development and contextual advertising

Website on recreation bases promotion and contextual advertising

Sand Care Site Support Site

Website development spare parts

What do you offer? Description of service, Price

“rental domain + hosting.”

from 35$ 12 months

“simple site card.”

from 50$

“lending page & site of the company.”

from 120$

“SEO promotion, SMM with the involvement of additional performers.”

from 60$ 1 months

“product catalog & online shop.”

from 180$

“site support, contextual advertising .”

from 30$ 1 months

Make website promotion for a new direction of business development …

To make a website quality – this is where your new level of business presentation on the Internet begins. When you plan to make a website you need to clearly imagine what resources will be needed to maintain the operability and relevance of this Internet resource. Who of the staff and in what amount will be responsible for the relevance of information on your site. You may need to make some changes to the structure of your organization. You also need to understand that not always you can get a quick return if you make a website it requires a website promotion both in search engines and in social networks and in related topics and directories and sites. All these jobs require a certain amount of time, until the number of users who come to your site will bring tangible profits.

Laptop computer repair – serviceability of the technology helps continuity in work …

A wide range of laptop repair and computer repair is performed . Below are just some of the repairs that can be performed inexpensively and much faster than usual. – Replacing the LCD display of the laptop or external covers – Updating the hard disk (up to a larger disk) – Problems with the Windows laptop (for example, the laptop does not start) – Replacement of the laptop motherboard (the unit does not turn on) – Correcting the fix of the file system (failure at the laptop during boot) – Virus removal – Solutions for laptop overheating (laptop stops working when heated) – Keyboard for laptop / pad / battery – There is experience of repair of many models of laptops, including Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer and many others. Repair usually takes up to 7 working days, depending on the availability of spare parts. Included with any repair is the service, the cleaning of the internal dust, which can lead to overheating, as well as to breakdown. Computer repair or laptop repair provides reliable operation of the computer and laptop extension of its service life, support for individuals, families and businesses in all areas of Kharkov. If you need to replace the motherboard, configure a secure wireless network, set up a home network system or recover lost data, you can rely on our experience. We try not only to provide help and support, but also, to help you understand what is happening with the computer, so that you can use this information to continue your work on the computer.

To assemble a computer to buy a laptop will help keep a high rate of business process development …

Buying a new computer carries a number of technical issues that are better discussed with a specialist before purchasing or building a system unit. To assemble a computer to buy a laptop, you can more confidently after such a discussion – try to describe for what tasks this device will be used, in what conditions to work (autonomy, internet, game parameters) Collect computer – this page is for preliminary application. ESTIDA LTD is not a branch of a particular store or equipment manufacturer, there are no depots with obsolete components that need to be realized so that you can be sure that the newest and most current computer components will always be ordered. To collect, buy, order a computer in Kharkov, you need to contact the office or make an order remotely. Buy a computer or buy a laptop – means to assemble in one device a set of optimal computer parts – agreed on compatibility and speed.